Analista provides the following consulting services:

Model Development Only:

We will develop a model of the system to be analysed (simulation, linear programming, financial), do all required data manipulation, verification and validation. The model will then be handed over to the client who will use it to evaluate various scenarios in order to find the best solution. Users need to understand simulation and other modelling principles and should be able to use the appropriate software.

Full Project:

We will develop a model as explained above and then use the model to experiment with alternative scenarios in order to find the best solution. Analyses of various outcomes will be done after which a report will be compiled and a presentation done during which all findings, project inputs and assumptions are discussed.

Ad Hoc Consulting:

Sometimes you may need our assistance on a project for just a few hours. We will provide you with that assistance at your office or via a web based meeting.  


If you are interested in any of the above consulting options, please complete the Project Planner Form below and we will be in touch.