Simio and Arena are two of  the world's leading discrete event simulation tools, which provide ease of use yet powerful analytical capabilities. Simio also provides risk based scheduling capabilities.



Our goal at Analista is to provide our customers with something more than just the software they need to give their businesses the winning edge. Our goal is to provide them with practical, real-world solutions to the specific challenges they face. That is why we offer Consulting, Training and ongoing Support to ensure our customers' success.


Due to the flexible nature of our products we have customers across most industries, customers who either use our professional consulting services or who use our software products to develop their own decision making models. 


               Analista is our preferred vendor for the supply and support of Simio Software for more than 4 years. Apart from the comprehensive and real-world practical training challenges, they have also guided and assisted on many critical projects aspects, to ensure on time and best business delivery. We consider ourselves fortunate to be regularly updated of latest developments, best practices and relevant previous projects benefits. Rapid resolution of issues is a phone call away, regardless if our project environment varies from an airport schedule to branch office ticket issuing. Their wealth of experience and pinpoint advice across many industries makes them more of a partner than a vendor."

—  Marius Conradie,

South African Revenue Services (SARS):

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