Simulation Modelling and Reliability Modelling Services

Analista Modelling Systems (AMS) was founded in 2003 in Pretoria as a provider of simulation modeling software and consulting services. Our scope and experience have since grown and we have an engineering team with many years of experience. We offer business process simulation modelling as well as reliability simulation modelling services.

Simulation Modelling

A simulation model is an imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. This simulation model can then be used to plan ahead and test proposed changes to a system without affecting the current system. Simulation modelling is also a powerful tool to use in the design of mines, business processing centers, logistical systems and manufacturing facilities. AMS has the capability and experience to provide both Discrete Event and Continuous simulation modelling services.

Reliability Modelling

Reliability modelling is the process of predicting or understanding the reliability of a component or system. Reliability models use block diagrams and fault trees to provide a graphical means of evaluating the relationships between different parts of the system. These models incorporate predictions based on parts-count failure rates taken from historical data. 


Simulation Software

AMS uses Arena from Rockwell Software for business process simulation modelling and VisualSPAR from Clockwork Solutions for reliability simulation modelling. AMS is the South African vendor for both Arena and VisualSPAR – visit our Software page for more details.”

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